Get Paid to Stare at Dead Chickens

From an article by John Stossel…does bigger government sound good to you?

I learned about these dead-bird watchers when a union, Government Workers Local 2357, persuaded “20/20” go into poultry-processing plants with hidden cameras to document their claim that conditions in the plants are deplorable and that chickens are contaminated with bacteria.

Inside the plants, with bird intestines strung all over the place, it was easy to see why the chickens we buy are often crawling with germs. In fact, we had a lab perform tests, and they found four kinds of bacteria: yersinia, salmonella, listeria and campylobacter. Food-borne bacteria can be deadly; it kills hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans every year. Hundreds of thousands of people get sick from it. Many of you who thought you had the stomach flu this year really had food poisoning from bacteria. We should treat raw chicken as if it were covered in fecal matter — it’s crawling with bacteria. Keep it away from the salad, and wash the cutting board.


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