What you might find on my i-pod (if I owned one) this week.

Albert Mohler Radio Program

Nov. 2 – Christianity and the Conservative Soul [Link]


Oct. 28 – The Other Heroes of the Reformation [Link]

Audition – Mars Hill Audio

Nov. 1 – This edition of Audition features a number of interviews about Christian novelists, poets, and mythmakers. [Link]


Nov. 2 – The Plight of the Persecuted Church [Link]

Dividing Line – James White

Oct. 31 – Dr. White responds to an anti-Calvinistic sermon by Jerry Vines. [Link]

Issues Etc.

Nothing to report.

Just Thinking – Ravi Zacharias

Nov. 2 – University of Washington Q & A (Part 2 of 4). [Link]

  • Addresses question of Christianity’s relationship to the state and the implementation of laws.
  • The discussion of religion should be allowed to be discussed within the marketplace of ideas.
  • How do we explain the warlike God of the Old Testament?

Let My People Think – Ravi Zacharias

Oct. 29 – Understanding the Spirit of the Age (part 3 of 3). [Link]

Narrow Mind – Gene Cook, Jr.

Oct. 30 – The Controversy over the Doctrine of Justification, an interview with Dr. R. Scott Clark of Westminster Seminary California. [Link]

Nine Marks Interviews – Mark Dever

Nov. 1 – Biblical Counseling with Ed Welch of CCEF [Link]

OKC Conference on Reformed Theology

Oct. 6-7 – Too Good to be True – Dr. Michael Horton [Link]

Renewing Your Mind – R.C. Sproul

Nov. 3 – Does God Have a Body [Link]

Dr. Richard Pratt

Oct. 20-22 – The Advancing Kingdom Parts 1-3 [Link]

Stand To Reason

Oct. 22 – The Gospel and Other Cultures [Link]

Trivium Pursuit

Multiple audio files pertaining to the Bluedorn’s Classical Home-schooling approach. [Link]

White Horse Inn

Oct. 29 – A Christian View of Government [Link]


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