Does Carl Jung Preach at Your Church?

Read this article, “Healing of Memories or Cleansing of the Conscience” by Bob Dewaay.

In the 1940’s, a missionary’s daughter disillusioned with traditional Christianity invented a new ministry called “inner healing.” … Sanford gained her inspiration from very questionable sources such as Theosophy, New Thought, the depth psychology of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, …

The primary idea of inner healing is that undesirable aspects of one’s life are caused by conscious or unconscious memories. This thesis is propped up by theories such as the pristine “inner child,” the unconscious mind, the collective unconscious, repressed memories, or more recently “interpretations of first memory events” (Theophostics). A corollary to these theories is that some newly discovered process (not found in the Bible) must be used to deal with memories. From Sanford’s original heretical teachings until today, dozens of ministries have arisen to heal memories, the need for which was not even discussed by most Christians until the 20′ century.

Next read this article from Wikipedia about Carl Jung. Make sure you check out the “Influence on Culture” subsection. Perhaps someone needs to add an “Influence on Christianity” subsection!

Now finally listen to the reason given for a young man’s porn addiction. The answer is provided by participant with a seminary degree on a church panel.


Did you catch the assumptions? Addictions are caused because we have pain to numb. These pains need to be “uncovered” and “faced” i.e. they are hidden past pains. She also takes John 8:31 (“the truth will set you free”) and equates that with “being honest with yourself”. I don’t mean to imply that the reasoning is totally improbable but the response sounded a whole lot more like J-U-N-G than B-I-B-L-E.

Also of interest, Myers-Briggs tests were influenced heavily by Jungian thought. I dislike these tests. I think the tests accurately predict strengths and weaknesses that different personality types experience when interacting. However, I wish that Christians would give more thought to Biblical issues as they relate to a particular personality type or trait. Does one personality trait tend to express selfishness or pride more often than another? Is one type given to complaining? If the test suggests that you are a good leader, are you leading in the right places (like your family, Deut. 6:6-7)? This type of analysis is not typical.

Finally, if you are interested in learning about some of the different takes on Christian Counseling this series of posts is a good place to start to get some background.
HT: Slice Of Laodicea


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