When Science Drives Politics


  • Nov. 30, 2006 – Listen to Bethell talk about his book at The Heritage Foundation here

I read a few chapters from The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science last weekend and thought it was interesting. This review from LibraryThing (first one) is helpful. The chapter on the African AIDS crisis was particularly interesting to me. The infection rates you hear about do seem exceedingly high. For example, see here, the infection rate in women 25-29 is cited at 56% in Swaziland. I have doubts if these infection rates are plausible. Read Bethell’s book if you get a chance. I don’t think Bethell’s point is to make the case that things aren’t bad in Africa, he is just questioning if AIDS is really the cause or not.

You can listen to Bethell and one of his critics (the interviewer might count as two), Chris Mooney, in this NPR interview. Chris is the better speaker by far but I don’t really think he addresses Bethell’s arguments, he simply dismisses them as having no credibility because they are not within the “consensus” of experts. That brought this quote to mind from Muggeridge.

How to have foreseen so clearly those voices canting slogans in unison, on campuses, in Red Square, wherever uniformity was masquerading as unanimity? Download the whole book, ‘The Third Testament’, for free here.

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