Rick Warren’s Three Legged Idol

Dec. 28 2006

This post by Doug Wilson is directly relevant to one of the concerns I have with the way Rick Warren speaks of faith in this post. I wish Rick Warren would replace words like faith and church, with Christ.


“The third leg of the stool is the churches. There’s a public sector role, there’s a private sector role and there’s a faith sector role.”


We are on the threshold of the establishment of an unbelieving American empire. This by itself does not exclude our involvement—think of Daniel, Joseph, the faithful centurion, and Erastus. The problem is caused by the fact that this is a militantly secularist and pragmatic empire and, as such, the pressure is already being applied to the Christian church to abandon its exclusivist claims concerning the Faith. The logic of such empires always insists upon joint worship of various gods in the pantheon. This, above all else, places us at odds with the current religious and political climate.

So from this point out, every Lord’s Day, as you worship the triune God only, remind yourself, remind your family, that we worship as exclusivist Trinitarians. We pledge allegiance to one nation under Christ. We pledge allegiance to nothing under any idol, or under any generic and undefined deity. Little children, keep yourselves from idols.


Everyday News For Kids (Video)

Dec. 27 2006

My kids love these video shorts at Vision Forum called “Everyday News”. For those that are tech savvy you can download the all of them in one shot using the Firefox plug-in called “DownThemAll” from the RSS feed. This allows you to watch them in full screen and queue them up in itunes. Our kids are interested in putting together a few of their own also.

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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Good or Bad?

Dec. 27 2006

This looks like an interesting paper (43 pages, .pdf file).

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to accommodate disabled workers and outlaws discrimination against the disabled in hiring, firing, and pay. Although the ADA was meant to increase the employment of the disabled, the net theoretical effects are ambiguous. For men of all working ages and women under 40, Current Population Survey data show a sharp drop in the employment of disabled workers after the ADA went into effect. Although the number of disabled individuals receiving disability transfers increased at the same time, the decline in employment of the disabled does not appear to be explained by increasing transfers alone, leaving the ADA as a likely cause. Consistent with this view, the effects of the ADA appear larger in medium-size firms, possibly because small firms were exempt from the ADA. The effects are also larger in states with more ADA-related discrimination charges.

HT: Freakonomics

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First Things – Thumbs Down – Children of Men

Dec. 27 2006

I was excited about the movie Children of Men (released this week), however this review from First Things has me thinking I will save my money and read the book.

Read it here.

Grant Cuarón the license to make a film about current events as he pleases, whether about the war in Iraq or immigration policy. What’s insufferable is his pressing into service someone else’s vision as a commercial vehicle for a personal political screed. Children of Men wants to be a grown-ups’ Brazil but never transcends a student-film political sensibility (“They’re all fascists, man!”), despite hat tips to the cinema-vérité street-fighting styles of Saving Private Ryan and Full Metal Jacket. Cuarón pulls off the battles between the terrorists and the government troops with deft and disquieting verisimilitude, obviously attempting to approximate American soldiers’ battling of insurgents in Baghdad, even leaving the splatter of the Kayo syrup that is Hollywood blood on the lens of his camera for a little extra grit. He’s learned much from Spielberg and Kubrick. It’s a shame he’s learned nothing from P.D. James.

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Got Price-Fixed Milk?

Dec. 18 2006

A good article about government sponsored price fixing of milk.

Colbert tackles truth (head verse heart)

Dec. 16 2006

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Skinner is too big for a box, but his daughter wasn’t.

Dec. 15 2006

Why would anyone be concerned that the man who built this…


Put his daughter in this…


Don’t be too alarmed. You can read more about it here. I have to admit, sound proof glass is tempting but my wife would never go for it.


A full scale Skinner Box.

For more read (online for free) ‘The Underground History of American Education‘.

Updated: 4/29/2008
For some reason this post is getting a lot of traffic today. “Tearing Down Strongholds” by Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. is a good read if want to learn about the fallacies of behaviorism.