Judge bans husband from naming adulterer

Vox makes an accurate observation about this story from the UK. It is a mistake to think we are that far off here in the US.

This is a powerful demonstration of the way that Western government are increasingly taking positions which not only attack traditional morality, but do so in a manner that demonstrates their intrinsic opposition to the very rights which they are supposedly protecting.

There is something deeper here. The pattern that reveals the pernicious spiritual element at works is the way in which that which is sin is increasingly protected by the force of government, whereas that which imposes any of the natural costs of sin upon itself is increasingly attacked.

This post from Stand To Reason is also worth reading. Steve links to a speech suppression story out of Canada (Carleton University Crushes Dissent on Abortion) and discusses whether Huxley or Orwell won the day. The post also references “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman. I think about 90% of the blogs I read make mention of this book at some point so I will have to get a copy soon.



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