Movie Review from First Things – Apocalypto

But at its core, Apocalypto is a story of Bicycle Thief simplicity. Jaguar Paw refuses to be enslaved—not by the empire, not by fate. He will get back home. He will reclaim his wife, his children, and his place in the world. In short, he will not be afraid. Link

This quote really struck me. I am currently studying the philosophical underpinnings of agrarianism. This quote really states what a big part of it is all about. I am also reading ‘Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology’. The quote below is from that book. You can buy it for a whopping $5 at Cumberland Books.

What I had taken to be a homogeneous Amish collective was actually an aggregation of Amish, Mennonites and mainstream Americans from all corners of the country, joined by one converging aim: to reclaim their lives from machines.

I am excited to see the movie.


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