Global Warming Mind Map

Have two children…eat less meat? Sad. Very creative learning tool however, just the wrong message.


Also see…High School Kids Cause Global Warming!


4 Responses to Global Warming Mind Map

  1. Silke Groth says:

    suuuuper mindmap, very smart! I love it!

  2. Jonathan Byron says:

    Sad? Is it also sad that most medical doctors suggest that affluent westerners are eating too much meat?

    I am not a radical vegetarian (I really enjoy meat). But eating less meat makes sense from the standpoint of global warming, health, and ensuring greater food availability for other children of God.

    Population is at 6 billion, and is set to nearly double in our lives. The admonition to go forth and be fruitful made sense when there only a few people on the planet and when infant mortality rate was sky-high. Today, as we slink towards the carrying capacity of the planet, a more fitting passage would be “And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days.”

  3. poststop says:

    I just ate half a box of Cheez-Its…yuck, I think I am going to quit. Please let those with less food know Cheez-Its supply should increase, unless of course eating Cheez-Its does something to cool the planet, then I guess I would actually be obligated to eat more of them…ugh. Oh wait, maybe I can just have more kids and feed them lots of Cheez-Its!

  4. Chris says:

    My three kids love that cheese in the can stuff. I find it an effective way to keep them happy and full as well as possibly detstroying the atmosphere. Its like a three-fer! I have considered buying them some carbon credits to balance it out but then I would have to drive my gas guzzling mini-van to make the purchase. Is that a catch 22? Maybe I will just have a steak instead.

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