Just The Facts: Giving

Marvin Olasky interviews Arthur C. Brooks about his new book ‘Who Really Cares: the Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism’.

  • “households headed by a conservative donate, on average, 30 percent more dollars than households headed by a liberal”
  • “liberal families earn an average of 6 percent more per year than conservative families, and conservative families give more than liberal families within every income class, from poor to middle class to rich”
  • “In 2002, conservative Americans were more likely to donate blood each year, and did so more often, than liberals.”
  • “religious conservatives are 28 percentage points more likely to give than secular conservatives, give nearly four times more dollars per year, and volunteer more than twice as frequently.”
  • “A person who goes to church every week and strongly rejects the idea that it is the government’s responsibility to redistribute income will give, on average, 100 times more money to charity each year than a person who never attends a house of worship, and strongly believes that the government should reduce income differences between people.”
  • “If a cashier accidentally gives a churchgoer too much change, the odds are better than half that he or she will return it, while the odds are more than six in 10 that a secularist will choose not to give it back.”
  • “a dollar in government spending on nonprofit activities directly displaces between 25 and 50 cents in private giving”
  • “per-capita amount given by Americans to human service charities was 14 percent higher in 2004 than it was in 1960”
  • “In per capita private charity, Americans give three and a half times as much as the French, seven times as much as the Germans, and 14 times as much as the Italians.”

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