Rick Warren’s Three Legged Idol

This post by Doug Wilson is directly relevant to one of the concerns I have with the way Rick Warren speaks of faith in this post. I wish Rick Warren would replace words like faith and church, with Christ.


“The third leg of the stool is the churches. There’s a public sector role, there’s a private sector role and there’s a faith sector role.”


We are on the threshold of the establishment of an unbelieving American empire. This by itself does not exclude our involvement—think of Daniel, Joseph, the faithful centurion, and Erastus. The problem is caused by the fact that this is a militantly secularist and pragmatic empire and, as such, the pressure is already being applied to the Christian church to abandon its exclusivist claims concerning the Faith. The logic of such empires always insists upon joint worship of various gods in the pantheon. This, above all else, places us at odds with the current religious and political climate.

So from this point out, every Lord’s Day, as you worship the triune God only, remind yourself, remind your family, that we worship as exclusivist Trinitarians. We pledge allegiance to one nation under Christ. We pledge allegiance to nothing under any idol, or under any generic and undefined deity. Little children, keep yourselves from idols.


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