How Redistribution Really Works

Feb. 18 2007

EconLog points out some interesting statistics.

  • In the US 41.4% of cash transfers go to the poorest 30 percent of the population.
  • In Germany, 31.7%.
  • In Italy, 20.5%.

Above all, these numbers are just a reminder that, all around the world, the main recipients of government money are the old, not the poor.


Nuclear Detectives: Part One: Theft and Smuggling

Feb. 14 2007

Listen here.

Given that just one nuclear device in the wrong hands would cause untold devastation and loss of life, keeping track of nuclear material is a top priority. Where do radioactive materials come from? And how do these become available to the “wrong hands”?

German HomeSchool Teen Moved, Parents not Informed, Local Media Refuse Coverage

Feb. 13 2007

This is what happens when you homeschool in Germany.

NUREMBERG, February 13, 2007 ( – The horrific situation which exploded in Germany last week with the forced removal by police of 15-year-old Melissa Busekros from her home to a psychiatric institution, has escalated. New reports from Germany indicate that the child has been transferred from the clinic to another location and the German Youth Welfare Office authorities are refusing to inform the parents of Melissa’s location.

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Analysis of 2004 Election Result Maps

Feb. 03 2007

This is an interesting analysis of the maps used to represent the 2004 election results. Which one of the images below best represents the truth? Which one of the images are we most familiar with?