Loving Our Wife by Loving History (and Literature)

On Friday I made a feeble attempt to explain to a coworker why the study of history is important. I frequently discover that I hold firmly to a number of positions which when called to defend finds that I am ill prepared to articulate in a meaningful fashion. Such was the case here. Thankfully I stumbled upon this little diddy by Doug Wilson. Consider this reason #1.

Just as husbands are commanded to imitate the Savior, so they should also imitate saviors. These lesser saviors must be understood scripturally—men who laid down or risked their lives in the way of Christ-like sacrifice. And this means that husbands should learn from Tirian, King une, Aragorn, Beowulf, Robert E. Lee, Alfred the Great, Samwise Gamgee, Roland, Antipas, Polycarp, Jim Eliot, Hugh Latimer, Sam Adams, Ransom, Bonhoffer, and Athanasius…

What should a husband imitate? The central thing to learn is what an immense array of sacrificial options present themselves to a man who would love his wife in a fallen world, in a world where there are dragons and giants. He can sacrifice his life. Or his wealth. Or his reputation. Or his family. Or his nation. This is because love takes many different forms, according to the lines of the story. And since a man does not know beforehand how his story will go, he should have some awareness of how nobility behaves according to the situation.

Read the whole article here. One final thought, I have heard it said that all education is inherently religious. Take the above as good evidence in support of that claim.


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  1. […] he loved so well.” I think I have reason #2 why love of history is important. In my last post I detailed reason #1. Self-cultivation is important and that can include hobbies, music, literature […]

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