A few good links (theology, emerging church, Irish Folk Music and Pirates)

This week and last I have been working my way through Carl Truman audio.


I am also listening to Conversations with the Emerging Church from a conference at Biola a few years ago. I found the conference after listening to an interview with Dave Horner from the str.org. The interview helps put the conference audio in context. You can download the audio for the conference from the link below.


I have to say both are higher than average for me on the interest scale and I think worth listening to if you have room on the mp3 player.

Also not sure if you are aware of this site, basically cliff notes. I have found that the analysis is very fair minded and very thorough. Since I am at least 20 years behind on my intake of good literature I thought this might be a good way to get up to speed and help determine what I want to read first. I went through Brave New World last week which was very informative since it is referred to by Neil Postman as well as other cultural critics. Postman makes the case that we live more in the world portrayed by Huxley in Brave New World than we do the world portrayed by in 1984 by Orwell, an easy case to make really. Warning about Brave New World, they make some pretty racy references in describing the promiscuous culture of the brave new world but nothing too explicit in the notes.


Finally, I got through about half of the White Horse Inn from this week and it was better than average (it is always pretty good) but this week they hit on some very good points and I think they hit on them in an appropriate manner.


Putting aside theology for a second, if you want to listen to some great music, I just discovered some fellows by the name of The Clancy Brothers. Apparently they are largely responsible for popularizing Irish Folk music and they influenced guys like Dillon and Bono. This is some really great stuff.


My favorite is http://youtube.com/watch?v=d6gX_52aCWQ

Downhill from here…

If you need to kill a few brain cells, loved Napoleon Dynamite and promise you won’t think less of me then you will love watching this guy


voted off the first episode of Pirate Master. The show can be viewed online at


Good Night!


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