Liberation’s Children: Parents and Kids in a Postmodern Age


This looks like a good read.

Hymowitz chronicles the moral decline of modern America’s privileged youth. Liberation’s Children follows an anecdotal path that leads where today’s childhood experts fear to tread—on a quest to learn “What are American children learning from adults about?” Among Hymowitz’s assertions:

  • Today’s child “experts” have created the impression that socializing children—bringing them into a community of shared meanings and values—barely requires adult attention.
  • Today’s parents, teachers and child “experts” know only how to celebrate the individual child, empowering him to “find his own way”—even as pop culture beckons him in the wrong direction with its enticing fantasies.
  • Popular culture has glamorized “cool”; an emotional style of tough, don’t-need-nobody individualism that often leads to feelings of isolation or despair among children.

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