Hutterite Documentary

I found an old documentary about the Hutterites online. If you are caught up in 21’st century life it is worth watching.

You can listen to songs from some Hutterite Choirs here.

This is a short article about a Hutterite community in Montana.

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3 Responses to Hutterite Documentary

  1. Shauna says:

    I have that Hutterite video! It was given to me by a colony boss from South Dakota who had allowed the film makers to film his colony. Since he doesn’t have a TV, and I was a lucky researcher who also happened to work VERY hard on their colony for awhile, he gave it to me. The Hutterian Brethren are extremely kind, generous and Godly people. I am always intrigued when I find people talking about them on the web. By the way, I was allowed to take pictures of them, audiotape them singing, and take some video while I did research on 15 colonies. Quite fun! Your site is interesting–found it when I was on Herrick Kimball’s site. Take care, and if you want/are interested in any info on the Hutterites, let me know.

  2. Shauna says:

    Oh! I also have another video that teh colony boss gave me called, The Hutterites: To care or not to care, which explains among other things, how their way of life is based on not being conformed to the world (like the AMish and Old Order Mennonites and Brethren). I could ask for permission to make a copy to share.

  3. poststop says:

    Thanks for commenting, my wife will be impressed that she isn’t the only reader. Most of the information I have about the Amish comes from Donald Kraybill’s book ‘The Riddle of the Amish’.

    I found the video on the Hutterites very interesting. The shot they did of of the conversation in the truck was really well done. I have family up in Herrick’s neck of the woods, Mennonites have been moving in for last 10 years or so I guess. Don’t worry about the movie, I would prefer to buy it and support more work like this in the future. Thanks for mentioning it, I found it online ( $20 for for VHS).

    Our family is in the process of unlearning some of the ways we have been conformed to the world and we enjoy seeing how many of the Anabaptist groups live.

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