Joel Salatin – Dominion Mandate and Stewardship

For those of you that don’t know, Joel is famous for his farming methodologies. I would call him organic but I think he would reject the label, I think he uses the term ‘Beyond Organic’. He was profiled in the popular book ‘The Omnivores Dilemma’. He has also published a his own books on the topic of farming and living the good life.

Joel has some interesting things to say in this video. About six minutes in he discusses the responsibility of the Christian to steward the land and animals in such a way as to lesson the effects of natural disasters, disease, catastrophe or misfortune. His statements are applicable to those working off the farm also. How long could you survive if you lost your job? If you lost your job would you rely on the government or your church for assistance? Were you enticed to borrow more money than you should have when you purchased a home because interest rates were so low? Did you ever ask yourself why the interest rates were so low?

Home foreclosures are at record highs. I am sure Christians are just as likely as non-Christians to be in this group. Do you find that strange? I do.

I am sure this question will come across as a bit more apocalyptic, but how long would you survive if there was a severe food shortage? Assume for a moment disaster did strike. One neighbor begins to run out of food after a week, another has enough food for a year, which one was tending the garden and pulling up the weeds? My pantry is presently closer to the one week end of things but Joel has me thinking that perhaps I better stock it.

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