Our Mission

A few days ago I received the DVD’s of the Film Academy from the 2007 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (SAICFF). They also sent along a card which details the mission of Vision Forum. I think the list is commendable and I for one plan on keeping a copy close at hand for review now and then. I have posted a copy of the list for your benefit here.

  1. Turning the Hearts of Fathers to Their Families
  2. Proclaiming the Nobility and Glory of Motherhood
  3. Reviving the Doctrine of “Women and Children First”
  4. Embracing the Blessing of Children and the Sanctity of Human Life
  5. Building a Culture of Virtuous Boyhood and Girlhood
  6. Reinforcing Godly Masculinity and Femininity
  7. Understanding Family Culture as Religion Externalized
  8. Teaching History as the Providence of God
  9. Developing Biblical Worldview Through Presuppositional Thinking
  10. Training Character by Hebrew Discipleship and Home Education
  11. Communicating the Applicability of the Law of God
  12. Addressing the Ethical Issues of the 21st Century
  13. Preparing Men to Stand in the Gates
  14. Encouraging Unity Between Church and Home

Source: Vision Forum

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