Is it wrong to create a Christian political party?

Random thought(s) here on Christianity as it relates to Government. As much as NPR would love you to think that Christians want to implement a theocracy, the truth is that views on church state relations vary widely within conservative Christian groups. I have been asking myself what the reaction would be (primarily from other Christians) to the formation of an explicitly Christian political party? My guess is that such a party would be seen as misguided and perhaps even rank error by many (on both the left and right). The idea of political involvement would be strongly affirmed but the idea of tying a political party to the name of Christ would certainly be denounced by many.

Now, try to imagine a vicious barbarian king who has conquered a vast kingdom. One day he converts to Christianity and everything changes. He sends out an announcement to all of his kingdom that from now on he will apply principles of justice and government according to God’s word. He affirms that the government will now be a “Christian” government. If we could look forward 100 years we see that the king and all of his successors actually abide by that promise.


So here are few questions to think about. I don’t have the answers, this is just the sort of scenario I like to carry around when I think about these things.

  • Putting aside possible constitutional issues is it wrong (Biblically) to form a Christian political party? If yes, why? Ignore historical precedence also, even if 1000 attempts have failed that would not technically make it wrong Biblically.
  • Was the barbarian king wrong to do what he did? If yes, why?
  • If you answered yes and no, explain the difference in reasoning.

8 Responses to Is it wrong to create a Christian political party?

  1. Dom says:

    I trust it is a “must” to create a Christian political movement in order to bring justice, equity and compassion back to the discipline of politics that must care about the welfare of all (common good) especially of the most needy while having a morality rooted in God not in our rights and duties (volatile).
    It is about putting back a heart and a conscience into politics really…

  2. Dom says:

    By the way politics comes from the word poli ethics, which means the ethics of the city (values, that Christianity brings as far as I am concerned).

  3. Kayewest says:

    Dom, you are absolutely right! This country is going down thanks to the liberals in office. This country was built on Christian values even if they were not always adhered to (slavery etc.) I’m writing this as an African American woman who is plum sick of all of this debauchery going on today. Neither the Republicans or the Democrats address morality, we need a separate party.

  4. Michael says:

    I agree. I think that history, biblical history especially, confirms that the people of a nation will suffer if the government espouses evil. Sodom and Gomorrah, Rome, Babylon, Iraq, Israel (when her kings chose evil), and many others are examples of this phonomenon. We, America, will suffer if we continue to espouse abortion, homosexuality, pornography, assisted suicide, and many other growing concerns in our beloved country. We, Christians and Jews alike, should understand this better than the blind world. We have an obligation to stand up and say “No!”, as did the Judges of Israel, Moses, the prophets, Joshua and Caleb, and Jesus. If we do not, we will surely perish among the masses who did not hear the word… and how much more severe will be the judgement awaiting us, who were told to proclaim the truth?

    We have a Biblical MANDATE to do so. The devil invented the… “It is not Christian to be political” lie. Perhaps we cannot save the world, but, really, is the answer to perish with them?

    Not a chance in hell.

    • poststop says:

      Thanks for commenting Michael. I was just discussing some of these matters tonight with my wife and also thinking about this as I was reading in Daniel.

  5. Dom says:

    Thanks for the valuable input. I am still struggling though about calling a party “Christian” (not inclusive) or making the party and its members behave “Christian like” (inclusive and federating to all), in order to influence and shape policies and initiatives.

  6. Dom says:

    One more thing, behaving-as-Christian should mean that members are to become selfless catalysts of peace /reconciliation everywhere and use the media to promote the neccesity of social justice and equity amongst humans from all backgrounds, while understanding that the end never justifies the mean as we cannot move away from “Love” or God to fulfill God’s will…

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