Mark Cuban Announces Radical Buy

I am a bit of a techie and I have been thinking about ways in which a number of products I love could more easily be marketed to a wider audience. For example, I love the movie ‘A Journey Home‘ (I will write a review soon and tell you why). I would like to see this put in the hands of more families. I have just glanced at this announcement by Mark Cuban about ‘Radical Buy’ but this is just the sort of idea that has been running around in my head lately. Hopefully it won’t be limited to just Facebook.

Ideally I should be able to find products from parties A, B and C. Then I should be capable of going out and working to get these products listed on web locations X, Y and Z. I should have the option of working out different payment schemes for all parties to include even paying for the ads to be placed myself. This should all be very easy to do. So the idea of supporting a middleman should still exist. Hopefully Cuban is already thinking this way, if not maybe he will stumble across this post and steal my idea, I only humbly request 5 tickets to a Mavs game in less than lame seating. Perhaps this is all already possible, I will go back and check out the details later.

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