Plano, Illinois City Council Attacks Large Families and Profiteering

The Valley Free Press reports that the town of Plano is considering penalizing prosperity, Catholics, Mormons and the Full Quiver movement. Do homeschoolers get a refund?

Alderman Shari Riddle said she would rather keep the district small than not have enough funds for the schools. She added families moving in with more children should pay more for the schools.

School Superintendent Laurie Walker defended the proposal.“We’re not making a profit. We’re just trying to pay the bills,” she said. “I don’t know what kind of effect it has on the market. I’m not a developer. I’m an educator.”


4 Responses to Plano, Illinois City Council Attacks Large Families and Profiteering

  1. Jerry Nowlin says:

    You sure you’re not with the mainstream media? I can’t imagine how anyone not predisposed like Katie Couric or Wolf Blitzer could possibly interpret that article to be an attack on large families. Just like the mainstream press you’ve managed to capture text out of context that sort of supports your thesis. I encourage anyone willing to think to read the whole article and ignore the sensational headline that started this blog entry.

    And what’s the reference to Catholics and Mormons? That’s a stereotype if I ever heard one. Watch out! Your mainstream media pals will disown you for something like that. No wait. It’s a stereotype about two Christian religions. You’re probably OK.

  2. poststop says:

    Thanks for the comment Jerry, how did someone from Plano, IL find me?

    Stereotypes can be either true or false and good or bad. In the case of Mormons and Catholics (at least until recently) it is true as groups that they have larger families. As for me and my house, we follow the Lord, so while we don’t agree with the theological views of these groups we appreciate that they at least know children are a blessing and we are like minded in that regard. So my use of a true stereotype was meant as a compliment. I won’t bother discussing the mainstream media stereotype, everyone knows blogs are “new media”.

    I did not mean to imply the article is an attack on large families, I meant the progressive tax rate proposed for the reasoning Shari Riddle states is an attack on large families (and it is).

    Finally, Ms. Walker’s statement was just plain funny, “We’re not making a profit.” Come on, what if the President of the United States proposed a new tax and made that statement? How ridiculous would that sound? Everyone knows government by its very nature can not make a profit, ever, it only spends other peoples money and does so in a very inefficient manner.

  3. Alderman Shari Riddle says:

    I resent your implications that the following article which you chose to chop and print has anything to do with penalyzing prosperity or discouraging families. Catholics, Mormons where do you get your information ? This was one of several conversations relating to what school transition fees on new homes were appropriate. And whether the fee should be an across the board fee assessed the same to everyone or if larger homes which generate more children in our schools should be paying a higher fee. It was a conversation started to make certain all citizens in our growing community were afforded good schools. As a Christian, mother and grandaughter of one grandmother who had 12 children and another who had 5 I think you are so far off base that it’s a shame! And for the record children are in a district for some time before the tax money from new housing to support educating those students is received so Dr. Walker was not plain funny nor our we looking to gorge our citizens. We are attempting to be fair to all in our Community.

  4. poststop says:

    Your words…

    “She added families moving in with more children should pay more for the schools.”

    Doesn’t your tax include homes with no children? Doesn’t your tax include homeschooling families? What happens if a family opts out of your punitive tax scheme? Do you take their home away and arrest the dissenters? If you want to be fair only collect the tax from the children when they choose to enroll in your school.

    To add to my discouragement I now find out that you are a Christian from line of large families and you still support this sort of injustice.

    The comment by Dr. Walker is funny, “We’re not making a profit”. It is funny because govt. are notoriously inefficient and are known more for waste than thrift. Also by it’s very definition a govt. can not make a profit. The fact that the real answer here is at a minimum a voucher (free market) solution which allows families to direct the money to the schools of their choice also makes his statement “plain funny”.

    Might I recommend you watch this informing story from 20/20.

    Stupid in America: How Lack of Choice Cheats Our Kids Out of a Good Education

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