Caravaggio Inspires Another Idea

I am reading the book ‘Art: A New History‘ by Paul Johnson. I started in chapter 14 ‘New Realism of the 17’th Century’ which begins with the artist Caravaggio. I have only read a few chapters but so far I am impressed with Johnson’s writing abilities and I plan on purchasing a copy of the book (the copy I have is from the library).


Well on to my idea. You are going to need 15-20 large flat screen display panels and perhaps a few decent overhead projectors. This idea isn’t cheap. The displays will act as an important part of a virtual art gallery which can be set up anywhere you want. With a bit of drapery and lighting it won’t look half bad. Next you need to put together a series of lectures and presentations to go along with your mobile art gallery. Depending on how big you scale your operation you should be able to set up in a home, church or larger venue. You would want to spread out the displays so it feels like a gallery. Your guests would have time to peruse the art on display while enjoying food and drinks and then meet together for a short lecture on the artists or period of art on display. This could be repeated 4 or 5 times in an evening. I know my wife and I would love to do something like this. A few thoughts…

  • You would need to look into copyright issues even if the work of art is very old, the image you download from the internet might be copyrighted. Most likely you will need to buy a higher resolution image than what you can find on the internet.
  • I can think of many groups that would enjoy something like this. I am not sure they would pay much but you need to do something like this for the fun not the money. This would even be fun for kids and could perhaps be combined with some etiquette training.
  • Ideally you would be able to play music from each display and each display would play the same music at the same time. This would be a very nice effect.
  • You could also invite guest speakers from surrounding community who may have particular areas of expertise.
  • You are must wear a black turtle neck if you want anyone to take you seriously.

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