Biblical Economics – Follow The Money

My web statistics show a number of you finding this page from a search specifically for this book. After reading this book I suggest you go to and spend a lot of time there if you really want to expand your knowledge of economics. My original post is below.

I picked up Biblical Economics by R.C. Sproul Jr. while our family was on vacation. The church would benefit greatly from a better understanding of economics and R.C.’s book is a good starting point.


Recently I watched an interview with Richard Freeman (a Harvard labor economist) on YouTube. At one point he mentions that most of the economic growth of the last couple of decades has come from the increase of woman in the workforce. I heard it said someplace that the growth we have experienced since the dot com collapse has been largely due to a massive credit expansion (easy loans). I won’t go into detail but as a result of a change in our economic policies in 1946 the government now has a vested interest in continual economic expansion, i.e. it has a vested interest in seeing your wife and daughters in the work force.

As Christians we have an obligation to see and state the big picture. Consumerism is a problem but one we have because we have means by which to make it a problem. Those means by in large part have come by sending our wives to work, putting our children in state schools to be molded by the state and for the state all in order to continually expand the economy. I am not saying that economic expansion is always bad. It is bad when it is driven by an unbiblical economic system upon the backs of our wives and daughters and at the expense of our families.

My personal interest is not to expand the economy but to expand the Kingdom by raising up Godly seed and I am happy to credit R.C. with teaching me that. I highly recommend the resources of Highlands Study Center if you are interested in learning more. If you want to be encouraged that there are alternatives for our children please read my post on The Return of the Daughters.


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