Watch “The Future of Food” on Netflix

Jan. 29 2008

If you have Netflix and broadband the documentary “The Future of Food” is now available for streaming online. My wife is pregnant and has refused to watch (she fears she won’t be capable of eating anything if she does). This is next on my list of things to watch (alone I guess).


Christ Church Moscow has a Podcast

Jan. 29 2008

I think this is new, not sure. Anyway here is the link

Christ Church Moscow Podcast


Jan. 24 2008

Here is a film I am interested in seeing.

Director Patrick Creadon, who made The New York Times crossword puzzle fun on film in his documentary “Wordplay,” calls “I.O.U.S.A.” a primer for ordinary Americans on the financial state of an economy saddled by a rapidly growing federal debt.


Click here to read the Reuters article about the film. This is the I.O.U.S.A. website.

Build a cardboard spaceship.

Jan. 23 2008

This looks like a fun project!


PBS Frontline – Growing Up Online

Jan. 22 2008

I know many of my posts begin with “this is worth watching/listening to” and I apologise for its frequent use, but I must use it once again. This is worth watching and besides you probably paid for part of it. This is an amazing study of culture and technology.


Quick update, I was just on Drudge and saw this story which is relevant if you watched the program.

Social Network site’s linked to town’s seven suicides

Money As Debt

Jan. 21 2008

This video was fun to watch and I learned why the current monetary/banking system requires continuous economic growth in order to keep running (and why deflation is such a potential monster!).

I could not find any critiques of the movie, please leave a comment if you know if any, I am sure there must be a few. The creator’s website is found here.

An explanation for Ron Paul’s popularity?

Jan. 19 2008

Source: Imprimis, February 1975

“Yet I believe that the new anarchism will attract growing attention in circles both intelligent and free from the taint of utopianism. For the degeneration of the modern western State has surely not yet run its course. ‘We shall tax and tax and tax and spend and spend and spend’ [7] and the end of this process is not in sight. Inflation will again and again be declared an enemy, but at the first whiff of corrective recession, it will be embraced as a friend and its rate will accelerate. The State will intervene more and more in the market and the citizen will find that his control over his own life will become less and less. In their bewilderment most citizens will acquiesce in a totalitarian solution, thus fastening the State even more tightly around their necks; but many will be attracted to the belief that the State is indeed as the neo-anarchists describe it, and is indeed incurable.”

[7] Per Harry Hopkins, President Franklin Roosevelt’s confidant and alter ego