The American Child Photographers Charity Guild

The American Child Photographers Charity Guild is a non-profit organization of child photographers dedicated to serving children in need and their families. Please visit their site to learn more about what this organization does for families. Also go here and navigate to the ‘Heart and Soul’ portfolio to see some very moving photographs.

Last month I purchased a Canon Rebel XTi with a decent 50mm f1.4 lense. I am not much of a photographer but I am learning and I am teaching my kids. The sort of work the Charity Guild is doing is just the type of thing I would love to see my children doing with their talents someday. So far my eldest daughter has shown the greatest amount of interest and it is something I will continue to encourage and support. This sort of thing fits right in with the vision conveyed in the film ‘Return of the Daughters’ (see my post about that here).



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