‘Indoctrinate U’ and a few comments on Marxism

This is a short trailer for a film called ‘Indoctrinate U‘. I have a copy of one of the precursors to this film which was released on the internet a few years ago and I am looking forward to seeing the final cut. I believe one of the interviews in the film is with a economics professor from Bucknell with Marxist sympathies (funny interview as I recall). At the time I had no idea that Marx’s ideas were taken so seriously within Economic departments at major universities.

The other night I listened to an mp3 by Gary North on Marx called ‘The Marx Nobody Knows‘ which I recommend (recorded in 1988). He makes some very insightful remarks regarding the packaging of Marxist thought into Liberation Theology among other things.

Finally, a quote from Chapter III of Human Action.

What induced Marx to invent his ideology-doctrine was the wish to sap the prestige of economics. He was fully aware of his impotence to refute the objections raised by the economists to the practicability of the socialist schemes.

His own economic ideas are hardly more than a garbled version of Ricardianism.

His only intention was to destroy the reputation of economic teachings which he was unable to refute by means of logic and ratiocination.

Marxian polylogism is an abortive makeshift to salvage the untenable doctrines of socialism. Its attempt to substitute intuition for ratiocination appeals to popular superstitions. But it is precisely this attitude that places Marxian polylogism and its offshoot, the so-called “sociology of knowledge,” in irreconcilable antagonism to science and reason.

The whole chapter is worth reading. Marxism as an anti-rationalistic subversion of economics, not another valid competing school of economic thought. We should be concerned with sending our children to any university which legitimizes Marx’s economic theories (your options may be more limited than you know). The points made about polylogism are also very important. I just bookmarked this article on the topic for reading later, it looks like a good overview.


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