Push back or step out of the way, but just don’t sit there!

“Well, it might seem like it isn’t very much, but it really is. When you figure out what direction you are being pushed, push back.” – Doug Wilson, a short parable.

I found the parable helpful. My interests usually arise from the discovery that I (and you) are being “pushed” as Wilson would put it (corralled might be a better word). Christmas with family resulted in a few discussions which ended with something like “but what can you do?”. My response was usually “educate myself” or “teach my children about these things”. Thanks to Pastor Wilson I realize that one end is that our family is better equipped to push back. When we can’t push back we try to find ways to step out of the way.

In line with this thinking you may also enjoy my post ‘William Remington was something of a solitary idealist.’


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