Distributism Without the Cow

Excerpts derived from ‘Distributism Without the Cow @ The ChesterBelloc Mandate‘.

The fundamental idea of Distributism is economic independence and economic freedom for families, with the government in a subsidiary and supportive role. It is the concept of Democracy applied to the field of economics. It’s the question of who is in control of our work.

A succinct definition of Distributism. I note that many moving in the direction of agrarianism are students of economics, family centered, and people who value freedom among other things. Much work would have to be done to define the word freedom and I am sure I have not the words nor the wisdom to do such a thing. Suffice it to say that the word freedom is worthy of thoughtful consideration as is its counterpart slavery.

The Distributist believes workers are most free when they own their own tools and are their own bosses. They are least free when they hire out for a wage and work at the command and sufferance of someone else who owns the tools, machinery, and land.

I would add that the right to own property is a very important component of freedom. Property taxes (rents) are an infringement upon the actual ownership. Many families not far from us pay the city $20,000 a year for the “right” to “own” a home.

Our idea of “The American Way of Life,” is wrapped up in the whole notion of a “Standard of Living.” The “Living Standard” is a measure of consumer spending. It is concerned with how many things we can buy, how expensively we are able to live, what luxuries we might afford.

We live in a society that has enshrined the seven deadly sins as the seven lively ideals. I don’t mean that these sins are committed, I mean these sins are recommended.

The article ends with a list of 10 commandments for the Urban Distributionist. Please read the entire article if this has been of interest to you.


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