Holy Smokes, after many moons an new edition of Audition is up!

May. 31 2008

Get it here.

This issue of Audition features an interview with Japanese-American painter Makoto Fujimura.

Got to admit, at first glance an interview with a painter doesn’t seem that appealing to me, but who knows, maybe.

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The Real Lincoln: Dr. DiLorenzo interview on C-SPAN

May. 31 2008

If you have not heard of Dr. DiLorenzo this interview on C-SPAN is worth watching.

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In His Image (Quote)

May. 28 2008

From “In His Image” by Williams Jenning Bryan

When I see ministers of religion finding fault with the Scriptures, it makes me think of a fortress terrifically bombarded, and the men on the ramparts, instead of swabbing out and loading the guns and helping to fetch up the ammunition from the magazine, are trying with crowbars to pry out from the wall certain blocks of stone, because they did not come from the right quarry. Oh, men on the ramparts, better fight back and fight down the common enemy, instead of trying to make breaches in the wall. – Rev. T. De Witt Talmage

Bob Dylan the Apocalyptic Poet

May. 27 2008

I love these short videos from the Rutherford Institute, this one is on Bob Dylan. I have a friend who is pretty big on Dylan and has encouraged me to dive into his rather large body of work. I think I will.

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May. 26 2008

I now see the full-blown puerility of Americanism for what it is: nothing but a big absurd lie which, by its own vanity,
ends in a cataclysm of bondage and destruction. “Do as we say – or else! Dare you question the American way of life?”

Source: Dave Black Online

Not the sort of math they teach you at B.F. Skinner Elementary

May. 22 2008

Source: Marginal Revolution

Advocates of trade restrictions often argue that protection will save jobs. Since we can observe price and cost increases associated with trade restrictions, we can estimate how much it costs to save each job in a protected industry. According to the NPR story, there are roughly 30,000 dry cleaners in the U.S., and on average, each pays an additional $4,000 per year due to the hanger tariff. This indicates an average annual cost of 30,000 firms x $4,000 per firm = $120 million. According to the U.S. International Trade Commission’s report, U.S. employment in wire hanger manufacturing was 564 workers in 2004 and fell to 236 workers by 2006. Let’s assume that employment in this sector would have fallen to zero in the absence of the tariff, and that with the tariff, employment will recover to 2004 levels. In other words, assume the tariff “saves” 564 jobs. Dividing the cost of the tariff to U.S. dry cleaners ($120 million year) by the number of jobs saved (564 jobs) indicates that each job saved costs about $212,765 per year. Keep in mind that the typical full-time worker in this sector earns about $30,000 per year. Even if we assume that industry employment doubles, the cost of the tariff is still roughly $120,000 per job.

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Knowledge Puffs Up

May. 22 2008

From the latest Basement Tape.

“Young men know all the rules, old men know all the exceptions.”

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