Unemployment is poised to soar. Few are prepared for it.

Jun. 28 2008

Mish reports here.


R.C. Sproul Jr. – Evangelizing Your Children

Jun. 26 2008

Video available online from Ligonier, part of the 2008 National Conference. Click the video tab, look for video on 6/24.

One quote I liked.

“As we remember friends, that belief is a supernatural gift from God and not some sort of intellectual attainment, then we can remember the single most important thing we can do for the evangelizing of our children, and that is, we can pray for them. You don’t have to become a genius in apologetics to do that. You don’t have to become the worlds greatest child-rearer to do that. We all have it in us, by God’s grace, to pray for our children.”

Jeff Sharlet: “The Family”

Jun. 24 2008

The usual from NPR, secret society wacko Christians are really in control!

The Queen of Narnia interviews author Jeff Sharlet, author of “The Family”.

A very naive girl explains “Friends with Benefits”

Jun. 19 2008

Sad really.

I attended a conference quite a few years back on marriage and relationships for Christians (Song of Solomon by Tommy Nelson). It took place in a college town and was well attended. One thing I recall quite vividly are the faces of some of the woman who attended. You could see anger, pain, sadness and a sense of loss as the lies (like the one Miss Marshall espouses) were peeled away. I am not sure you can blame the girls, the blame falls on fathers primarily and then on the young men and their lack of character.

Good time to plug another conference which I wish I could attend.

Father Hunger

Homeschool in Germany, Go to Jail

Jun. 18 2008

Home Education Magazine reports.

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Frontline: Young & Restless in China

Jun. 18 2008

Looks interesting.

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The Pill Kills: Case Overstated?

Jun. 16 2008

In the interest of fairness (regarding my previous posts here and here) I want to point to two posts at LTI blog by Rich Poupard. Read them here and here. I think Rich does a good job of making the case that we can not know with certainty that the pill kills. However, assuming he is right what we are left with is uncertainty and I still see an ethical problem for Christians.

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