Protest the Pill Day ’08

If you are easily offended, stop reading here.

You have been warned.

Tim Bayly points out a protest put together by Catholics. I have done quite a but of reading on this particular topic. In short the pill has three ways of preventing pregnancy and one of them is to make the environment inside the womb hostile to the implantation of the child (as admitted in documents produced by the pill manufacturers). However, there is an affiliation of Christian doctors on record as saying “we don’t really know if this is true”. I think the evidence that it does is obvious but even if it wasn’t we have a dilemma to deal with. Do you blow up a building if someone “might” be inside? If the pill might kill a child do you take it?

Christian’s ought to be known by a number of things (their love for one another for example). We should also be known for reflecting the sovereignty of God. Our neighbors ought to be able to look down the street and say, oh they must be Christians because…

We need to be careful how we end that sentence but I am not afraid to end it with “because…their wives are not sovereign over their wombs.” Does the church feel any shame when we read that we are not to be conformed to the world and then consider the fact that the fall in the birth rate for Christians over the last 40 years has pretty much exactly paralleled the culture? How do we explain this?

Finally, I am not convinced that any measure to plan family size or time children is wrong, however, it is an area fraught with sin and largely ignored by the people of God and their Shepherds. This topic is “controversial” and thus avoided, left to the conscience of the individual (and maybe it should be) but the church has a role in searing our consciences when they appear to be misguided and that they are is obvious to me.

Homeschool Exercise of the Day:

Materials: Advil, Hammer

Scripture: Gen. 1:28

Description: Take children outside and put pills on ground. Read scripture and tell children that these pills kill children. Have children take turns smashing pills with hammer. This exercise is appropriate for children of all ages.

Something for the kids at Alfred Kinsey High

Have your parents opt you out of sex-ed and organize a pill smashing event in front of the school instead.


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