The Pill, The Good Samaritan, The Distraught Woman and Baseball

This is a good follow up to my last entry here.

Doug Phillips has posted a few quotes from an article in Chronicles Magazine by Aaron D. Wolf ‘Hating Babies, Hating God‘. One thing I have often thought to myself in the past and which Wolf points out is that the Church’s position on abortion is largely hypocritical given that the pill (in all forms, even the “low dosage ones”, the patch etc…) acts as an abortive agent.

For a moment assume that your wife is taking some sort of hormone based contraceptive. You are on your way to get the prescription filled when you stumble upon a distraught women crying in her car parked outside the pharmacy. As the sort of Christian who knows the story of the Good Samaritan inside and out you stop to see if you can help. You find out that she is there to pick up the abortion pill. She asks why you are there. Now, what do you tell her? How to you try to explain that her choice is a bad choice and yours is a good one? What if she has heard that the drug you take is capable of doing that same thing as her drug? Tough dilemma don’t you think? You want to talk about baseball now? Read the article if you don’t get the baseball reference.

I mentioned in my last entry that the manufacturers own materials document that hormone based contraceptives prevent implantation of a the child by creating a hostile environment. A quick search turned up this, not hard to find, read the text in the image below.

IUD’s are no better because they have no idea how they work. You can read here if you want, the image above is from the same site. Warning, a lot of graphic sex-ed type medical drawings.

Precisely how the IUD prevents pregnancy is a mystery. They may kill sperm or prevent them from moving, which prevents fertilization from occurring. They may also stop a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.


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