Prom and the Decline of Western Civilization

I am listening “The Long March: How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America” by Roger Kimball. Tonight Kimball discussed the influence of Wilhem Reich. Interesting man, quite the inventor. After reading the Wikipedia article I was reminded of a few items I had wanted to post.

Memphis High School: Reading, Writing and Bumping & Grinding

This American Life: Prom

Sorry I am not providing much context here, I am a bit lazy. If you’re interested read the Wikipedia article on Reich, read the post on the Memphis High School and then listen to the entire episode of This American Life if you dare! I will leave you with one of many quotable moments.

On the dance floor there was a certain amount of copping feels and kissing, but the sexual tension at the prom hit a kind of surreal zenith when the DJ told the boys to bring chairs down to the dance floor, girls were seated in the chairs and the garter ceremony began. Over 100 teenage girls presented bare legs with garters, all men have to put your hands behind your back, meaning the men have to grab the garter with their teeth.

Finally, as one who is always trying to help the kids down at Alfred Kinsey High, if you want to be a sure fire hit at the science fair, consider building one of these (read the article on Reich if you really want to know what this is…you probably don’t).


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