Gardasil Injection Followed by Stroke

“Gardasil, the vaccine approved to target the human papillomavirus (HPV) is being criticized again for possible links to a 20-year-old woman who suffered a stroke after receiving a second Gardasil injection.”



One Response to Gardasil Injection Followed by Stroke

  1. There is important background info in “Fatal Probe”, a little book written a few years ago by Will Locksley that can be found on Amazon. He seems to have been out there warning women about this for years.

    The primary focus of the book is to uncover facts concerning the cross-infection of women during their visits to the offices of their medical providers. However, there is relevant, previously undisclosed information that challenges the efficacy of the Gardacil tests.

    btw: It seems there is also concern regarding the fact that the Merck-sponsored testing did not use true saline injections in most of their control groups. They were ‘laced’ with aluminum, which totally confuses the results.

    Be patient, in that they seem to not be able to keep them in stock.

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