Regulations are ruining America…how true.

Aug. 25 2008

“In Louisiana it is illegal to sell and arrange flowers without permission from the government. Aspiring florists must pass a subjective licensing exam that is graded by existing florists, who have a direct incentive to keep new competitors from entering the market.”

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When you gonna wake up? I ain’t gonna work on Maggies Farm No More.

Aug. 25 2008

Dave Black has a new article up “Jesus or Julius“, short and worth reading. I also read the Wikipedia entry for Dylan’s song Maggie’s Farm tonight.

“Maggie’s Farm is best read as Dylan’s declaration of independence from the protest folk movement” – Wikipedia

If you presently consider yourself a Republican and are already swallowing hard to vote for McCain, perhaps you should just do like Bob and declare your independence…I have. Enjoy the show.

Illegal Discipleship [Gulag Archipelago]

Aug. 24 2008

True, they were supposedly being arrested and tried not for their actual faith but for openly declaring their convictions and for bringing up their children in the same spirit. As Tanya Khodkevich wrote:

You can pray freely
But just so God alone can hear.

(She received a ten-year sentence for these verses.) A person convinced that he possessed spiritual truth was required to conceal it from his own children! In the twenties the religious education of children was classified as a political crime under Article 58-10 of the Code — in other words, counterrevolutionary propoganda! True, one was still permitted to renounce one’s religion at one’s trial: it didn’t often happen but it nonetheless did happen that the father would renounce his religion and remain at home to raise the children while the mother went to the Solovetsky Islands.

I saw some of the Polygamy and Associated Crimes hearings on C-SPAN a few weeks ago. It was almost more than I could bear to watch, we are not as far away from the conditions characterized by the statement above as one would like to think.

Finally layin’ my burden down

Aug. 16 2008

On pursuit of the Simple Life…great song by Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris…Coming Around.

“I’ve been runnin’ nearly all of my life
Far and as fast as I can
It may sound funny but I’m thinkin’ this might
Be about right where I came in
Well I don’t know maybe I’m comin’ around
Got a ways to go but maybe I’m comin’ around
Finally layin’ my burden down”

G.K. Chesterton on Worldliness

Aug. 15 2008

“Worldliness has no human magic for him; he is not bewitched by rank nor drawn on by conviviality at all.” – G.K. Chesterton from “George Bernard Shaw” (book available on audio here)

conviviality – relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company

Well, still a little to work with here, but we will get there.

G.K. Chesterton on Powerful Men

Aug. 15 2008

“Powerful men who have powerful passions use much of their strength in forging chains for themselves;” – G.K. Chesterton from “George Bernard Shaw” (book available on audio here)

Characteristics of a good blogger by G.K. Chesterton

Aug. 15 2008

“Though personally one of the kindest men in the world, he has often written really in order to hurt; not because he hated any particular men (he is hardly hot and animal enough for that), but because he really hated certain ideas even unto slaying. He provokes; he will not let people alone. One might even say that he bullies, only that this would be unfair, because he always wishes the other man to hit back.” – G.K. Chesterton from “George Bernard Shaw” (book available on audio here)