001 – Homeschooling (Basement Tape – Notes)

Updates to this post are kept in an document containing all my notes here.

Every month R.C. Sproul Jr., Laurence Windham, Jonathan Daugherty and a few others get together at the Highlands Study Center and record a discussion about this or that. The goal is to get folks thinking Biblically about every area of life. I have profited from what I have heard and I think I can say I have grown in wisdom, not sure about my stature. You can download each Basement Tape for three bucks, which is a bargain, go here for that. What follows are few notes I took as I listened. The notes are not complete, just my thoughts. I have tried to include a few questions to consider and some links to other resources.


This discussion can be downloaded for $3 here.

We are committed home-schoolers but were not always so. We are committed to tell others about the many blessings of home-schooling. We believe the Bible has something to say about all this. We are also committed to love our brothers and sisters who have not come to the same conclusion. If you have not come to the same conclusion I think this discussion might help a little in getting you there. Like many of the topics discussed on the Basement Tapes one tape always touches on two or three more. I am not sure you can grasp a single piece of the puzzle fully without having a few of the other pieces in hand. With that let me encourage you to listen to this discussion and the others.


  1. Why being thrown of the radio was a blessing.
  2. What to do when your wife won’t home-school.
  3. We live in a relativistic age in which we don’t talk about things we disagree about. When we do we become apoplectic.
  4. Parents need to think about education in all areas of life.
  5. Do not duplicate the school model in the home.
  6. The goal for education, raising Godly children.
    1. Deuteronomy 6
  7. Sheltering children and socializing our children.
    1. 1 John 2:15
    2. Psalm 1
  8. Is locking your kids in a room with a bunch of kids their own age a good way to socialize them?
  9. When kids attend schools you live a school based life instead of a family based life?
  10. What about being salt and light?
    1. Would we send our children into the religious school of false religion as a student with the intent of being salt and light?
  11. Much of the criticism for home-schooling comes from the pew.
  12. We are persecuted by the world, and by that which is of the world in the church, but you are still blessed.
  13. Tells story about book The Scottish Chief’s.
    1. Kids use to read this book!
  14. General discussion about books.
    1. G.A. Henty books (many are available online for free)
  15. Lawrence explains the some of the distinctives that make them so “strange”.
  16. Why are governments in the business of education?
    1. It exists for the purposes of the state, to indoctrinate the students in the religion of the state.
  17. Discussion of the state and flag waving in church.
  18. Discussion of some of the blessings of home-schooling.
  19. What this show is about…”About helping people think about every area of life.”

Questions you might ask yourself.

  • Is is wrong to pray for the destruction (as in end of) of public schools?
    • What things ought we be praying come to their end?
  • What do you do if your spouse does not want to home-school?
  • What would a community of people such as the Amish look like if the sent their children to our schools for 100 years? In kind, what would our community look like if we sent our children to Madrasas for 100 years?
  • Does God bless us when we are obedient?
  • Have you abdicated the job of educating your children?
    • If so who have you abdicated them to and what is their goal?
  • Can you think of a scenario that is clearly an example of abdication? What verses would you use from the Bible to support your position?
  • Why is the government in the business of education?

Don’t stop here.


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