We are all theocrats.


A) Do you desire that all men come to Christ?
b) Do you desire that these men submit to the Word of God?

If A & B were achieved it would follow that all the rulers of all the nations of the earth would be Christian and as such use the Bible as their sole arbitrator in defining terms such as justice, sin, restitution etc…

So who would be ruling these men and ultimately the nations of the earth? God, through His Word, right?

Final question…do you desire a theocracy?

My bet is you answered no to that last one. As Christians we are programmed to say that. Now I think what we actually mean to say is, “no I don’t desire the wrong sort of theocracy”, or “no I don’t want one imposed in the wrong manner”, but it would be a lie to say we don’t desire a theocracy. A theocracy is the natural outcome if you answered yes to the first two questions. We are all theocrats.


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