98 days in jail for couch in yard (Orwellian Justice).

Couch Rod

This is an interesting story about a man going to jail for 93 days. The crime, he had a couch in “his” yard and refused to consent or recognize the state’s authority regarding the matter. He is a far braver man than I. I would have got rid of the couch and paid the fine, I would have got back in line, I have a family to feed. The lesson here is one most don’t understand. Ultimately every infraction of the state’s laws, no matter how minor, can be enforced using force (the sword). If this man continues to resist the state his life and property will slowly be taken from him. Today I saw a story that the Dallas Independent School District has been using false social security numbers to hire illegal immigrants. Does the state ever prosecute the state? Unlikely.

Source: Lew Rockwell


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