My Notes on The Medical-Industrial Complex (Lew Rockwell Show)

Dec. 28 2008

Lew interviews Dr. John McDougall, listen to the show here.

  • Dr. McDougall’s web site.
  • Discussion of multi-billion $ heart business.
  • Typical hospital (80% of income from treating heart disease), huge financial incentives.
  • 9 out of 10 studies on angioplasty treatment show no improvement in survival.
  • 3 major studies on bypass that show no improvement in survival except in small subgroups.
  • Same for some drugs like statins.
  • Some want statins in our drinking water!
  • Some want statins for school children!
  • Artery disease (and diabetes) are serious problems in U.S. but answer is not drugs.
  • Diet is the answer.
  • Discussion of bypass surgery.
  • Connection to heart bypass machine can cause measurable brain damage, called “pump head” by the nurses. Memory loss. 42% people after 5 years showed some deficit in mental abilities.
  • Bypass can cost 80K to 500K and evidence suggest most do not benefit from longer lives as a result in comparison to those that use drugs.
  • Discussion of effects of bypass surgery on Bill Clinton.
  • Coronary artery disease is a result of the western diet.

Doomsday Financial Scenario

Dec. 28 2008

Bob Higgs says…

“I have never been inclined toward touting doomsday financial scenarios. I raise the possibility now only because, as I consider the situation portrayed in the graph of excess reserves linked above, I am unable to foresee how the Fed and the Treasury can navigate through these treacherous waters – waters that their own previous actions have whipped to a foam – without creating terrible financial and economic harm. If the dollar survives the ministrations of Bernanke, Paulson, Bush, and the Obama gang, its survival will be something of a miracle.”

Read the rest here.

Man forced to undergo weekly Electroshock Therapy

Dec. 15 2008

“A man in Minnesota is being forced by court order to have electroshock therapy. It’s being used to treat him for psychotic episodes and it’s been going on for weeks. The patient, Ray Sandford, wants the treatment stopped and has a court hearing this week to end the electroshock sessions. Minnesota Public Radio’s Lorna Benson has the story.” | Listen Here

Medicare broke sooner than you know?

Dec. 10 2008

“Ben Sasser, the Assistant Secretary of Health, just announced that the projections for Medicare Part A funding were wrong. The Department figured out last week that Part A funding will be no longer prior to the end of Obama’s second term. What does this mean? In 2016, a hospital will submit a bill to Medicare and Medicare will simply have no money to pay. This is all within the next 8 years folks. Get ready for some serious problems.” – Source – Jay Parkinson

Who Killed John Lennon and is the FBI Watching You?

Dec. 06 2008

Manufacturing ever-higher stock prices.

Dec. 05 2008

Scott P. Richert in Chronicles

“Those who claim his mantle today, however, are not simply ideologues on free trade; they have become convinced that money can breed money—and, moreover, that it’s a good thing for it to do so. The only kind of manufacturing they want is the manufacturing of ever-higher stock prices.”

2008 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

Dec. 04 2008

Will we see you at the SAICFF? The Growing Pains guy is going to be there. If your wife is in her early 30’s, like mine, this might be the cause of great excitement (not saying it is or isn’t around here). We went last year, it was fun. I get free room and board at Mom and Dad’s so it is also affordable.