My Notes on The Medical-Industrial Complex (Lew Rockwell Show)

Lew interviews Dr. John McDougall, listen to the show here.

  • Dr. McDougall’s web site.
  • Discussion of multi-billion $ heart business.
  • Typical hospital (80% of income from treating heart disease), huge financial incentives.
  • 9 out of 10 studies on angioplasty treatment show no improvement in survival.
  • 3 major studies on bypass that show no improvement in survival except in small subgroups.
  • Same for some drugs like statins.
  • Some want statins in our drinking water!
  • Some want statins for school children!
  • Artery disease (and diabetes) are serious problems in U.S. but answer is not drugs.
  • Diet is the answer.
  • Discussion of bypass surgery.
  • Connection to heart bypass machine can cause measurable brain damage, called “pump head” by the nurses. Memory loss. 42% people after 5 years showed some deficit in mental abilities.
  • Bypass can cost 80K to 500K and evidence suggest most do not benefit from longer lives as a result in comparison to those that use drugs.
  • Discussion of effects of bypass surgery on Bill Clinton.
  • Coronary artery disease is a result of the western diet.

2 Responses to My Notes on The Medical-Industrial Complex (Lew Rockwell Show)

  1. Jonathan Byron says:

    Diet is the answer, and God wants you to eat statins! Oyster mushrooms, red yeast rice, and other fungi are loaded with statins and other molecules are HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors.

  2. poststop says:

    Good info, I just don’t want my water spiked with drugs the Govt. decides my family (including our dog) needs.

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