004 – Living Life Deliberately (Basement Tapes – Notes 1 of 2)

I am not living my life deliberately but I am working on it and you should too. I have an outline of this discussion to post later but I wanted to add a few thoughts jotted down while I listened once more.

Download the conversation here.


Living deliberately (when based upon the Bible) will lead you to reject much conventional thought and many modern norms. You will soon realize important assumptions about your life are founded upon the baseless claims of the world and the traditions of men.

Being deliberate requires a significant investment of time reading good books (and listening to Basement Tapes of course).

Deliberate people are an oddity to the world. They frequently find themselves swimming upstream. Don’t frustrate yourself (and others) trying to be understood, it doesn’t work.

Shortcuts will not make you more deliberate, for long, usually. Instead of just reading “10 Things You Need To Know About Pascal”, read Pascal (the book is made up).

Living deliberately forces you to re-examine what the Bible says about many important things. Your views may change. This can be hard to deal with at times. Deliberate thinking frequently puts a stone in your shoe. A few of the stones you will have to keep, a few will need to be removed.

You will have to fight against your own cynicism. Optimism must prevail in your outlook.

An opinion…deliberate living leads to the “Simple Life”. The pursuit of the “Simple Life” is the fruit of this labor. Agrarian thought is not a fad, for many it is the most practical application of the simple life. There is much to learn from the agrarians, even if you your agrarianism is limited to a house or apartment in the city.

Deliberate thought will change your views on family, state, culture, work, community, children, discipleship, success, meaning, happiness, media, marriage, masculinity, femininity, good, evil, beauty, technology and so on. Your convictions grow broader and stronger. Now is a good time to ask God for humility and wisdom.

Change is inherent in the pursuit of living deliberately, even numerous seasons of change. Families must be brought along, not pushed along. It is not change for mere change sake, it is not change without end or without purpose, although that is what some might think. Make it fun. Make it joyful.

Your life will become less compartmentalized and you will discover a vast network of interconnectedness where you see none today.

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