005- Building The Kingdom (Basement Tape – Notes)

Download the conversion here.

Building The Kingdom

Here are my notes on Basement Tape #5. I decided to jot them down on paper tonight. They are less useful for you but they are more useful for me. I also enjoy the process of taking notes this way better than doing it on the computer.  Besides you need to listen for yourself.

Certainly a lot to think about. R.C. puts a high priority on the Kingdom of God and I concur. It isn’t as if I haven’t heard a dozen or more sermons with a strong emphasis on Kingdom but I seem to always walk away feeling like I have only been told part of the story, perhaps this tape tells us the rest.

A few takeaways.

  • What is my family doing now? Later? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Can we “walk”  from these activities to the Kingdom of God and fulfillment of the Dominion Mandate?
  • We pursue living simply, separately and deliberately in order to remove things that hinder us from our pursuit of the Kingdom.
  • Stepping Heavenward is suppose to be a good book. You can buy it for a penny plus shipping.
  • There are many questions regarding the Kingdom of God which I can think of. It is important that we think very carefully about what we believe the answers to be. Here are a few, I am sure there are many more. Is the Kingdom of God visible or invisible or both? To what extent? Is it progressing? Will it be made known? What is our responsibility to make it known? How are we to make it known? Is that the only way? Is the Kingdom limited to individuals? Families? Cities? States? Nations? Could a history of Christ’s Kingdom be written? If so would it include actual historical events? Is Satan’s Kingdom more apparent than Christ’s?
  • Some of these questions are a result of thoughts I have had while reading Christian Reconstruction – What It Is, What It Isn’t, you can download it for free here. It is an easy and concise read.

Higher resolution images for the notes below can be viewed here.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


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