Heard today on Paul Harvey…

Feb. 11 2009

“How do you make God laugh? Show him your life plan.”


Doom and Gloom: What will the result of the largest credit boom in history be?

Feb. 08 2009

This was the largest credit boom in history, and it will be the largest bust, no matter what the “stimulus”.

Souce: Mike Shedlock

No economic recovery in sight.

Feb. 08 2009

“We’re talking years – not months – before we see a decent recovery in the jobs market,” predicted Sung Won Sohn, economist at the Martin Smith School of Business at California State University. “It is going to get worse before it gets better.”

Source: Right Mind

Try to imagine if you will that the economy is perfectly fine. Everyone is working, business is booming, and last year the budget was nearly balanced. Get that picture in your mind. Now you hear that congress decides to double the size of every govt. budget. What would our reaction be? Well of course we would think this is utterly stupid. We would all be saying how bad an idea this is. The obvious question is if it is a bad idea when times are good why isn’t it an even worse idea when times are bad?

Here is the thing I have learned about the subject of economics…it is complicated. Yes the feds can hand out a billion here and a billion there and “create” jobs. However, what you don’t see are the jobs not created or loss in the private sector as a result of the federal spending. Here is something I am willing to bet on, there is no economic recovery in sight until market interventions stop. Things will get much worse before they get better and better is not going to look like it use to.

Creative Memories: Girls Bike, No Doubt About It

Feb. 07 2009

Tonight I went back through the chapter on Head Coverings in “Rediscovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”. You can find the chapter here if you want to read it. I figure this is the best laymen’s defense from a complimentarian point of view that head coverings are a cultural artifact. I found it less convincing than ever. I will be writing more on this when I have time and commenting on the chapter. I have written about the topic before here. I am 99% convinced that Paul’s inspired commands are still relevant, perhaps more relevant than ever. I was really hoping that the chapter would give me reason to maintain greater doubt.


Creative Memories: Lincoln Indoctrination Camp

Feb. 07 2009

This is my sweetie (a most glorious woman). She use to work for a now bankrupt state.  Found this photo tonight and it is quite funny considering my views of Lincoln.


Voddie Baucham’s New Book

Feb. 04 2009

Voddie has a new book shipping next week. The title is “What He Must Be…if he wants to marry my daughter“.


I love the title because you immediately understand in no uncertain terms that Voddie believes he has the authority to reject a suitor. You can bet if Voddie believes it, he gets it from the Bible. His exegesis will be compelling, I am looking forward reading it.

This brings me to a thought I had last week. It is still common in Christian circles for a suitor to seek the approval of a woman’s Father before asking for her hand in marriage.  However, most of the time this is just a tip of the hat to an outdated custom. Most couples don’t actually believe that the father has any real authority to reject a suitor, and if he did they would think him to be a bygone barbarian. They are nice enough to carry on the tradition however. My guess is that this custom is now more about seeking the father’s finances for the wedding rather than seeking the father’s approval of the suitor.

If you agree that a father has any real authority whatsoever  you will need to ask yourself some questions.

  • How much authority do I have?
  • What can I do with my authority?
  • What is the purpose of my authority?
  • When does it begin and end?
  • Are my answers in accordance with God’s Word?

Here is my point. Any Father who thinks a man ought to ask permission to marry his daughter believes he has some measure of authority no matter how small. If this man works through the questions above he will logically come to the conclusion that courtship is the most appropriate method of exercising that authority.


008 – Men Without Chests (Basement Tape – Notes)

Feb. 04 2009

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Men Without Chests

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