007 – Government (Basement Tape – Notes)

Download the conversion here.


Another very important conversation from the Highlands Study Center. Many thoughts to share but I post this stuff so late at night that by this time I am ready to crawl into bed! Anyway, buy the conversion, $3 and well worth it. Even though I have listened to this particular tape a few times now I always find I missed one or two small but important points.  A few parting shots…

  • 4 spheres/institutions (you, family, church, state) with distinct tools for enforcement (conscience, rod, keys to Kingdom, and the sword).
  • We are a nation of statists, many of you have no idea what that means, good indication that you are a statist. Go figure, most of us have been educated by the state.
  • Most Christians have a far greater fear of the state then the church.
  • The nature of every institution is to to encroach on the responsibilities of the other institutions.
  • Any law we vote for is an expression of our desire to enforce that law ultimately under penalty of the sword.
  • Govt. is FORCE.

Higher resolution images for the notes below can be viewed here.

Page 1

Page 2


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