The Schools Are Destroying Freedom of Speech

Obvious but worth watching. Whitehead puts together some good stuff, I would think the number of views would be higher for his YouTube channel.

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One Response to The Schools Are Destroying Freedom of Speech

  1. Katrien says:

    But it surprises me that he didn’t mention the other half of the argument, possibly the half that is the most important. Because when the “minority” speaks out of turn, it is not just they who need to be protected, but also those who hear them: *their* right to hear something different.
    When the girl’s mike was turned off, if I had been in the audience, I would have felt personally affronted. I am an agnostic, so I wouldn’t be upset because I didn’t get to hear about Christ. I would be upset because those fools behind the off-button thought that I wasn’t strong enough in my beliefs, that I was so engrossed in myself that I coulnd’t put her words in perspective (*her* experience), that I am so selfish and narrow-minded that I couldn’t listen to a different view of the world. I would have been upset for narrowing my world to what *they* think I should hear.
    Thanks for the link.
    BTW, I read somewhere (Tiny Farm Blog?) that you put your kid’s toy animals (goats) among your seedlings: I’m going to follow you there, for the gratuitous smiles that no doubt brings!

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