Doom and Gloom: Durable Goods

Feb. 25 2010

Market Ticker reports

  • “Most important in the “new orders” column is the decrease in computers and electronic components.”
  • “This is a leading indicator for hiring activity folks.  I’ve harped on it before and will keep doing so.  New employees = more computers and cell phones.  If you’re not seeing it there (and you’re not) then the entire premise of “a recovering employment picture” is absolute c*$p.”

Baby Experiments – Scientific Breakthrough! Sleep Study!

Feb. 22 2010

“Bottom line: A few weeks of ignoring can easily buy parents extra years of good sleep.  And they don’t even have to bite the bullet of standard ignoring; graduated ignoring is about equally effective.”

Read it here.

Southern Avenger Interviews Tom Woods Jr. (NULLIFICATION)

Feb. 22 2010

Part 1

  • Tom Woods – Best selling author of Meltdown.
  • Plenty of blame to go around, “who got drunk? well who gave them the alcohol? the federal reserve!”
  • Deregulation was the problem?…Most of the deregulation was either beneficial or did not occur.
  • What we need is more regulation?…Assumes regulators are infallible and markets are stupid, but is this the case?
  • Regulators actually encouraged the behavior we saw.
  • Wood’s next book ‘Nullification‘ (due out in June)
  • Keep voting for schmucks and think things will change.
  • States should resist *ALL* laws that violate the constitution. States should refuse to enforce them.
  • Wood’s provides a defense of Nullification from common slanderous arguments used against the idea (i.e. it is pro-slavery).
  • Chris Matthews – ignorant shill for the regime.

Part 2

  • Matthews engages in smearing everyone who engages in discussion about States Rights or Nullification.
  • Nullification is actually coming back into our national vocabulary.
  • VA will defend individuals against the Federal govt. if the feds go after individual for not buying the right kind of health care.
  • WY making it a felony for a Federal agents to go after individual for some Fed. gun law violations.
  • Tea Party posting Wood’s videos on Nullification.
  • Facebook groups for all 50 states for putting together Nullification measures.
  • CA ignoring med. marijuana laws.

Keiser Report №18: Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Feb. 22 2010

Prepare For The Worst – Ron Paul

Feb. 21 2010

Doug Wilson on Theonomy

Feb. 21 2010

* Theonomy term coined by Bhansen.
* What do you think of Theonomy?
* Joke “Oh I am against it, I hate God’s Law.”
* Every Christian is a Theonomist, we all believe God’s Word as authoritative.
* What is the continuing validity of God’s Law today?
* Westminster Confession
* Moral: Constant, through all time.
* Ceremonial: Fulfiled in Christ
* Judicial: Applied to Isreal in that state/condition excpet where the general equity thereof may require.
* General Equity Theonomist
* Parapits around roof of the house.
* General eqiuty here, you have a principle to provide protection to your guests.
* IMPORTANT: Not just the content of the Law, structure of the Law is important.
* English Common Law goes back to King Alfred
* Took laws of Deut. and applied them to England.
* Not an overarching regulatory code.
* BIBLICAL LAW is NOT ONLY consitent with Civil Liberties, it is the absolute FOUNDATION for them.
* Conservative Christians need to grasp the distinction between SIN and CRIMES.
* Civil penalties apply to crimes, not sins. Should not be a law against drunkenness.
* What is your response to Rushdoony?
* Was not a card carrying Reconstructionist.
* Appreciate a great deal of it, earlier stuff preferred to later stuff.
* Enormously helpful.
* Broader Christian world should not be shy about reading Rushdooney, Gary North, Bhansen.

I would add Chilton and Jordan to the list. Many of these books can be found for free here.

Doug Wilson Unwraps Twilight

Feb. 21 2010

Part 1

* Not classic horror fiction, about emotional security and refuge.

* Teaching girls to be allured/fascinated/attracted to the bad boy who will destroy you.

* Textbook case of the classic abusive relationship.

* Good girl attracted to bad boy.

* Infatuation and danger part of excitement.

* Girls who like the books are being attracted/effected by something their dad’s should be concerned about.

* Why is this book worth addressing?

* Because it is so popular that it must be scratching an itch, and we need to know what that itch is.

* Because it is a phenomenon which is coming into the church.

* BOOK RECOMMEND: E. Michael Jones – Monsters From The ID

Part 2

* Why are the good girls attracted to he bad boys?

* Partially a result of the dearth of masculinity in society.

* Good boys are exasperating because they are not masculine.

* Too many spineless wimps.

* Church’s accommodation to feminism.

* Church’s hostility to masculinity needs to be addressed.

* Edward allow’s girls to have it all.

* Translucent, wafey, fragile yet powerful, deadly, strong.

* Weird metro-sexuality about Edward.

* Bella

* Clumsy, no great beauty, nondescript.

* Now desired in every possible way.

* Recipient of a torrent of desire.

* Dad is nice guy but perhaps a dud also.

* She is a canvas that the reader can then fill in with themself.