Recently Watched: On The Edge – Catherine Austin Fitts

Good interview. Just a few thoughts, not necessarily all directly related to Catherine’s interview.

  • Our financial system is largely engineered by people who do not have the best interest of my family, community, or country at heart.
  • The men engineering the economy take little to no personal risk yet they are astronomically rewarded.
  • Low interest rates benefit banks more than anyone else, they don’t help savers, they entice spenders to take on debt. Yet somehow everyone thinks low interest rates are a good thing. I bought my first house because (1 – “I should lock in low interest rates.”, 2 – “You are throwing money away if you rent when you can own for less after writing off interest.” and 3 – “Homes are an investment, a form of savings.”). I won’t buy my next house for the same reasons.
  • As a nation we are too ignorant of money, finance, banking and too busy with work, media, activities to do much about our present condition.

Part 2 of 3 – This is the beginning of the interview with Catherine.


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