Doug Wilson on Theonomy

* Theonomy term coined by Bhansen.
* What do you think of Theonomy?
* Joke “Oh I am against it, I hate God’s Law.”
* Every Christian is a Theonomist, we all believe God’s Word as authoritative.
* What is the continuing validity of God’s Law today?
* Westminster Confession
* Moral: Constant, through all time.
* Ceremonial: Fulfiled in Christ
* Judicial: Applied to Isreal in that state/condition excpet where the general equity thereof may require.
* General Equity Theonomist
* Parapits around roof of the house.
* General eqiuty here, you have a principle to provide protection to your guests.
* IMPORTANT: Not just the content of the Law, structure of the Law is important.
* English Common Law goes back to King Alfred
* Took laws of Deut. and applied them to England.
* Not an overarching regulatory code.
* BIBLICAL LAW is NOT ONLY consitent with Civil Liberties, it is the absolute FOUNDATION for them.
* Conservative Christians need to grasp the distinction between SIN and CRIMES.
* Civil penalties apply to crimes, not sins. Should not be a law against drunkenness.
* What is your response to Rushdoony?
* Was not a card carrying Reconstructionist.
* Appreciate a great deal of it, earlier stuff preferred to later stuff.
* Enormously helpful.
* Broader Christian world should not be shy about reading Rushdooney, Gary North, Bhansen.

I would add Chilton and Jordan to the list. Many of these books can be found for free here.


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