Doug Wilson Unwraps Twilight

Part 1

* Not classic horror fiction, about emotional security and refuge.

* Teaching girls to be allured/fascinated/attracted to the bad boy who will destroy you.

* Textbook case of the classic abusive relationship.

* Good girl attracted to bad boy.

* Infatuation and danger part of excitement.

* Girls who like the books are being attracted/effected by something their dad’s should be concerned about.

* Why is this book worth addressing?

* Because it is so popular that it must be scratching an itch, and we need to know what that itch is.

* Because it is a phenomenon which is coming into the church.

* BOOK RECOMMEND: E. Michael Jones – Monsters From The ID

Part 2

* Why are the good girls attracted to he bad boys?

* Partially a result of the dearth of masculinity in society.

* Good boys are exasperating because they are not masculine.

* Too many spineless wimps.

* Church’s accommodation to feminism.

* Church’s hostility to masculinity needs to be addressed.

* Edward allow’s girls to have it all.

* Translucent, wafey, fragile yet powerful, deadly, strong.

* Weird metro-sexuality about Edward.

* Bella

* Clumsy, no great beauty, nondescript.

* Now desired in every possible way.

* Recipient of a torrent of desire.

* Dad is nice guy but perhaps a dud also.

* She is a canvas that the reader can then fill in with themself.


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