Southern Avenger Interviews Tom Woods Jr. (NULLIFICATION)

Part 1

  • Tom Woods – Best selling author of Meltdown.
  • Plenty of blame to go around, “who got drunk? well who gave them the alcohol? the federal reserve!”
  • Deregulation was the problem?…Most of the deregulation was either beneficial or did not occur.
  • What we need is more regulation?…Assumes regulators are infallible and markets are stupid, but is this the case?
  • Regulators actually encouraged the behavior we saw.
  • Wood’s next book ‘Nullification‘ (due out in June)
  • Keep voting for schmucks and think things will change.
  • States should resist *ALL* laws that violate the constitution. States should refuse to enforce them.
  • Wood’s provides a defense of Nullification from common slanderous arguments used against the idea (i.e. it is pro-slavery).
  • Chris Matthews – ignorant shill for the regime.

Part 2

  • Matthews engages in smearing everyone who engages in discussion about States Rights or Nullification.
  • Nullification is actually coming back into our national vocabulary.
  • VA will defend individuals against the Federal govt. if the feds go after individual for not buying the right kind of health care.
  • WY making it a felony for a Federal agents to go after individual for some Fed. gun law violations.
  • Tea Party posting Wood’s videos on Nullification.
  • Facebook groups for all 50 states for putting together Nullification measures.
  • CA ignoring med. marijuana laws.

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