Another brilliant short from the Ramsey Brothers

Mar. 10 2010

Warning, you must find Country music funny at times and have a good sense of humor to enjoy properly.


Ron Paul – Outraged Over The Mandatory Worker ID

Mar. 10 2010

Rasberry Crazy Ants – “at this point I don’t see a happy ending”

Mar. 09 2010

Big Brother Wants to Know All About You: The American Community Survey

Mar. 08 2010

The Second Great Depression

Mar. 03 2010


“This cycle will not run forever. One day soon, we’ll have the boom and bust phases, but when we try the usual bailouts, they won’t work. The destructive power of the down-cycle will overwhelm the restorative ability of the government, just like it did in 1929-31, when both the financial shock and the government capacity to respond were on a much smaller scale. The result, presumably, will be something that looks and feels very much like a Second Great Depression.”